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About Us

Meet Dr. Hardy

Dr. Roshaun L. Hardy is the Owner and Clinic Director at Vitality Health and Wellness. Dr. Hardy earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular Biology, with honors, from Hampton University and received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from National University of Health Sciences in 2014. Dr. Hardy spent several years volunteering and serving as a Medical Technician in the Veterans Affairs Medical System. Dr. Hardy is a licensed chiropractor in Maryland and Virginia.


Dr. Hardy’s practice ranges from low force manipulation to firm adjustment techniques depending on the requirements of the patients. He is trained and experienced in Diversified Technique, SOT Blocking, and Flexion and Distraction Drop Technique. Dr. Hardy is dedicated to helping his patients feel their best and reach their health and wellness goals through expert Chiropractic Care.


Dr. Hardy’s enjoys spending time with his wife, Kendra, and his hobbies include cooking, working out, reading, traveling, and educating people on his belief that Chiropractic is for everyone and that all can benefit from getting adjusted regularly.